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Roger Watkins

Indlæg: lør 22. mar 2014 22:47
af Ovesen
Instruktøren bag den berygtede Last House on Dead End Street, Roger Watkins, gav sig til kende i 2000 på fabpress messageboardet, hvis jeg ikke husker forkert? Fabpress har tilsyneladende ikke noget forum længere, så jeg kunne ikke genlæse tråden. Mon ikke nogen har copypastet hele tråden og uploadet den et sted? Det var immervæk noget af et breakthrough da han gav sig til kende.

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Indlæg: søn 23. mar 2014 02:32
af Jack J
Du kan måske søge den via wayback machine:

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Indlæg: søn 23. mar 2014 11:22
af Ovesen
Har prøvet, men jeg kan satme ikke finde forummet via wayback! :evil:

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Indlæg: søn 23. mar 2014 13:41
af Diabolik
Kan lige pt kun genskabe 1 side af postingen;

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Robert Monell
Registered User
(10/11/00 8:40:06 am)
Reply LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREETMy favorite US horror film of the 1970's. It goes beyond horror, really... I am looking for detailed discussion and info on this elusive title. Does anyone know exactly where the director is at this moment? Is anyone even sure who the director is? Any thoughts on the film itself?

Harvey Fenton
(10/14/00 5:22:22 am)
Reply Dead EndThe director's real identity seems to be lost - a bit of a Dead End in itself... Seems he quit the business never to be heard from again (rumours are that the film is a barely-finished student project that somehow got picked up for theatrical release).

I have seen this film projected from a 35mm blow-up in a regular cinema (The Imperial in Montreal). Anyone thinking their washed-out video is a bad dupe will be relieved to hear that it looks just as bad on celluloid - looks like the whole film was over-exposed...

Still, this film is untouchable for demented atmospherics.

Jaun Foam
Registered User
(10/14/00 5:26:03 am)
Reply Re: Dead EndIt's amazing that it was ever released theatrically. Few horror films of any kind are as subversive. I've heard that the lead actor and the director are one and the same. I've also gotten response that the director is now a technician on THE HOWARD STERN SHOW!

"And you will face the sea of darkness and all therein that may be explored."

Unregistered User
(11/27/00 2:56:32 pm)
Reply LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREETThe film was made in 1973 on a budget of under $3,000.
I wrote, produced, directed and edited the film. I also played the role of Terry Hawkins. The original title was THE CUCKOO CLOCKS OF HELL. It's premier in 1974 caused theater riots in NYC and Chicago (where the theater was burned down. I was a guest on HOward Stern which is probably the cause of your misinformation. Altogether I made fourteen features under various and sundry pseudonymns (Richard Mahler, Victor Janos and Roger Watkins.

Anthony Thorne
Registered User
(11/27/00 7:28:56 pm)
Reply Interesting stuff... If the above info is correct, and not an expert online prank, it'd be great to see DEAD END STREET come out on DVD, with a commentary. Maybe unregistered user 'PNEST' could do a deal with Anchor Bay Entertainment or Synapse Pictures (if he was interested and still had the rights) and get a digital release of the film, with a commentary (even a pseudonymous one) telling us all about it. It could be worth some bucks to someone. I'd buy one...

Unregistered User
(11/28/00 3:22:46 pm)
Reply HOUSEIt's all true. I was there. Thank you for your kind remarks.

anthony timpson
Unregistered User
(11/28/00 4:38:30 pm)
Reply good prankHmmmnn,

great fiction.. this guy offers nothing new to the debate, all the information he provides is old hat - all can be garnered from PSYCHOTRONIC and SLEAZOID EXPRESS.

He fails to mention that the guy on STERN spoke about THE FUNHOUSE the title in which it was released under in two cities.

Love for PNEST to prove me wrong - it's not like it was a porno with major stars in it. What harm can come by spilling all the goods? For someone who made this a loooooooooooong time ago - isn't it kinda weird that PEST found his way to an english publishing chat area??????????????

The print looked great when I saw it.. nice gritty industrial feel to it.

Bruce Holecheck... you should get a few extra subs with this 'exclusive' interview.

A littkle birdy told me there will be no DVD of this for sometime.. then again, I could just be making it up!


Unregistered User
(11/28/00 5:45:35 pm)
Reply PRANK?I usually don't like challenges but I'll tell you one or two things only I or someone close to the production would know would know: Ken Fisher played Ken the lover of cows, Kathy Kurtin was the shorter of the two girls, Pat Canestro the other. Bill Schlageter was the film maker. The entire film was made in a building in Oneonta New York called Old Main except for some scenes shot in a railroad roundhouse. Proffesor Paul Jensen of SUNY Oneonta film department played the blind guy. (He still teaches there). The film is the only feature ever to be shot on 16mm Ansco Film and later blown to 35mm. It was the subject of a law suit that went to the NYS Supreme Court and won. (McGraw vs. Watkins). What else would you like to know? The budget was actually $800 and was used entirely to keep me in amphetamines and alcohol for the two weeks or less it took to film the picture. The distributors still owe me three million. Roger Watkins

anthony timpson
Unregistered User
(11/28/00 6:33:04 pm)
Reply I'm sold... thanks for rising to the challenge. I graciously stand corrected.

What are my chances now to screen the film at my film festival if I had access to a print - could I pay you an upfront against the backend?

It's in April next year by the way...

Look forward for more revelations,


anthony timpson
Unregistered User
(11/28/00 8:15:45 pm)
Reply SCREENPLAY sold to Harry Nilson and Terry SouthernWas a screenplay that you wrote developed by Harry Nilson and Terry Southern? Called OBITUARIES? a black comedy about a frustrated tabloid reporter who goes to Texas to investigate a strange obituary notice and enters the bizarre, surreal world of a group of crazy millionaires from which he never returns.

curious and curiouser

anthony timpson
Unregistered User
(11/28/00 8:27:23 pm)
Reply filmography?Are these all adult films?

Last Blonde, The (1991)
Angel of the Island (1989)
Strong Language (1989)
Angel Rising (1988)
Angel's Back (1988)
Decadence (1988For Your Love (1988)
Love Lies (1988)
Strong Rays (1988)
Angel's Revenge (1987)
Huntress, The (1987)
Little Dovetails (1987)
Having It All (1986)
Love on the Borderline (1986)
American Babylon (1985) (V)
... aka Babylon USA (1985) (V)
Angel of the Night (1985)
Hindsight (1985)
Classical Romance (1984)
Physical Attraction (1984)
What Gets Me Hot (1984) (V)
Corruption (1983)
I Never Say No (1983)
Midnight Heat (1983) (
Taste of Money, A (1983)
Pink Ladies (1981)
Her Name Was Lisa (1979)
Small Change (1978)
... aka Upside Down (1978)

Unregistered User
(11/29/00 7:36:56 am)
Reply Dear Anthony:I wrote OBITUARIES way back in 1982. Harry Nilsson immediately purchased it and the two of us stayed high and drunk for the next three years. If I were my wife I would have left me about a year and a half before she did. I was appalled when I read the changes Nilsson and Southern made during their drug induced psychosis. It was worse than THE TELEPHONE, the embarassing epic they made with the non talented Whoopi Goldberg. But at least Harry paid me.

The adult films I made under the name Richard Mahler:

HER NAME WAS LISA (junk with one or two good scenes)
MIDNIGHT HEAT (bad title good film)
CORRUPTION (not bad)

I would be honored to have the film shown at your festival.

Unregistered User
(11/29/00 11:54:55 am)
Reply Dear Anthony PSWait a minute wait a minute!!! I DID do a picture called DECADENCE (where do distributors get these crumby titles)? back in 1988 when I needed some quick cash. It was the only video I ever wrote and directed and I haven't seen it since I supervised the editing. The money boy was too cheap to even give me a copy and I refuse to buy such garbage. Does your smiley face mean you've seen it? Is it any good? As I recall it was fairly pretensious but had some interesting elements like people watch tv while the people they're watching on tv are watching them on tv. I thought it was interesting at the time now it just sounds silly. Know anybody that wants to do a sequel to HOUSE? It's already written.

anthony timpson
Unregistered User
(11/29/00 1:25:42 pm)
Reply pnestRoger,

Can you email me privately? I have a proposition for you..

btw if Harry Nilson had seen/heard the start of MAGNOLIA (one is the loneliest number....)would have lost his lysergic soup all over his shirt?

hope to hear from you,


Unregistered User
(11/30/00 8:05:44 am)
Reply Robert MonellI'm going to post my e mail address mainly for Mr. Monell as he seems to be a big fan of LHODES.

mr bojangles
Unregistered User
(11/30/00 1:42:32 pm)
Reply landis + wife prankbill and michelle = jim and debbie

anthony timpson
Unregistered User
(11/30/00 4:13:26 pm)
Reply huh??????????

Registered User
(12/1/00 12:44:07 pm)
Reply Re: huh?jim + debbie...goad?

Dries Vermeulen
Unregistered User
(12/2/00 4:37:31 am)
Reply Richard Mahler?!To 'pnest':
Excuse me while I go all fanboy and chuck any journalistic 'seriousness' I might still possess (did I ever have any to begin with?) overboard. Though I've yet to see LAST HOUSE (in case of DVD release,I'd buy it), I've been a major fan of your porn movies ever since Jim Holliday alerted me to their existence in his groundbreaking 1986 book ONLY THE BEST. My personal fave is the gorgeous CORRUPTION,which I had the good fortune to see theatrically in Brussels (in the now long gone Cine du Nord),a film that has haunted many a dream and fuelled many an alcohol-soaked philosophical discussion as to its meaning. Surely you overlooked THE PINK LADIES (directorial credit:Robert Michaels) though. Charming fluff,head and shoulders above similar attempts at carnal comedy. Particularly enjoy Samantha Fox as the superbitch ringleader of this little group of 'friends'. She was probably never better than in your HER NAME WAS LISA (a movie I think much more of than you apparently do...). And Vanessa Del Rio could always be counted on for a truly volcanic sex performance. You must agree,as she turns up in most of your movies. AMERICAN BABYLON should've had a mainstream release. It was well ahead of its time. Okay,enough with the gushing. Get back to me...

Unregistered User
(12/3/00 10:27:42 am)
Reply CORRUPTION etc.I appreciate your kind remarks. CORRUPTION is the best of my shall we say "adult" films. A good deal of the credit should go to Larry Revine, the cinematographer on this and MIDNIGHT HEAT. We filmed these movies in three days and Larry somehow was to give me what I wanted and more. CORRUPTION is very loosely based on Wagner's DAS RHEINGOLD (Wotan-Williams, Loke-Larry, Erde...Im sure you get the gist).

PINK LADIES I never particularly cared for. There's another along those lines entitled COSMOPOLITAN GIRLS which is truly useless. I barely remember it.

AMERICAN BABYLON is interesting to me. Larry shot that as well. I've never met Jim Holliday but know he's often had good things to say about my films. Take care

Dries Vermeulen
Registered User
(12/8/00 12:52:18 pm)
Reply Re: CORRUPTION etc.God, yes, COSMOPOLITAN GIRLS, I almost completely forgot about that one. Bet you're glad about that, huh ? I recall Tish Ambrose (one of the most underrated adult actresses ever) was in that and that huge vibrator that looked positively lethal !!!
Thanks for the RHEINGOLD reference. I'll brush up on my Wagner and rewatch CORRUPTION a.s.a.p.
I share your sympathy for Larry Revene (whatever the spelling of his last name as it seems to differ on various projects), a truly world class cinematographer (I just saw Chuck Vincent's IN LOVE for the umpteenth time at the last remaining porno film theatre in Belgium, the ABC Cinema in Brussels, and came away with renewed admiration for just how great he could make adult movies look, what with the limited financial resources and brief shooting schedules) and not a bad director in his own right (particularly enjoy RAW TALENT, even if you're not 'supposed' to when you're a 'true' porn fan, WANDA WHIPS WALL STREET and the one just about everyone seems to overlook : SIZZLE).
All the best,

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Indlæg: søn 23. mar 2014 13:56
af Diabolik
Det ser ikke ud til at man kan komme til side 2 af postingen... Men du kan finde forummet her ... ... scroll ned i bunden og klik på 'more' under 'new in chat'-afsnittet...

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Indlæg: søn 23. mar 2014 23:33
af Ovesen
Mange tak HJ ! Det var lige præcis den del af tråden du citerede jeg ledte efter.