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Upcoming Husets Bio Events

Indlæg: man 3. mar 2008 16:40
af Kristensen
Dear Film-goers - several announcements here.

(1) We (Station16) have now been in existance one year and we invite you to help us celebrate our birthday on Thursday (06.03) at Husetcafe (not bio) for "B MOVIE X 4" - a film 'happening' where starting at 20.00 4 horror/sci-fi movies will play at the same time (all with sound) in different parts of the room on 4 old-fashioned 16mm projectors. (Queen of Outer Space/Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster/Night of the Living Dead/The Bees). It should (maybe) be possible to concentrate & enjoy each individual movie, but the whole idea is that they will melt into a single frightful and fantastic (if messy) whole, made even more unpredictable by the fact that an episode of THE MONKEES TV show will follow Queen of Outerspace) Then to cap the evening at 22.00 we will set the main screen aflame with 45 minutes of sentsational preview trailers and a bunch of technicolor "scopitone" musical performance films from the 60's. The whole night is free so come on down (no reservations can be taken).

(2) We are thrilled to announce that on Friday (07.03) at 19.00 Husets Bio opens the movie VIVA, an erotic cult sensation that has been the hit of the European underground festival circuit but that no cinema or fest in DK has had the vision to screen. It will then play every night in that 19.00 slot for the next week. For details log on to: ... Additionally for those folks who missed JOURNEY INTO BLISS, this German cult classic (with English subtitles) will also open for a week's run at Friday in the 21.15 slot. Check for more info on this film. Both above films are 60kr. per ticket and to reserve seats you can answer this e-mail. (If you haven't seen it yet, Panserkrydseren Potemkin will play for the rest of this week in the 19.00 slot with Thursday being its last day)

Cordially, Jack


Indlæg: tirs 11. mar 2008 12:46
af Kristensen
A WEEKEND OF RARE ARCHIVE FILM PROGRAMS AT HUSETS BIOGRAF (The whole weekend – all 4 shows – for just 50kr! – in other words one ticket at 50kr. is also good for all following shows)


(1) VIETNAM: THE WAR AMERICA LOST, at 13.00, 90min., 40 years ago the North Vietnamese launched the TET offensive which led to the defeat of the world’s most power military machine by a ‘people’s army.’ We mark this anniversary by showing 3 films that depict (1) who the ‘enemy’ was (Know Your Enemy: The Vietcong), (2) the horrific human cost (the brutally graphic Army Medicine in Vietnam), (3) America’s disastrous political end-game (Television News Reports: 1968-1975) This show is dedicated to those who still think it was “a noble cause.”

(2) GREATEST HITS OF AMERICAN CULT TV, at 15.00, 80min., Three gems from the golden age (1965-1975) of American cult television: (1) Year 1999 A.D. – a 1967 look at what life would be like in the future (1999!) See how computers take over the lives of a typical family in this hilarious yet chilling dramatization. See bizarre consumer product inventions that did come true! (2) Batman (1966) ultra campy TV episode from 1966 entitled “Dressed To Kill” with Eartha Kitt as Catwoman (3) All Out (1975) acid satire on the consumerist greed involved in TV game shows (& American society at large) made by the Paulist religious organization. Stunning, extremely well acted.


(3) Our third annual SPAGHETTI-WESTERN extravaganza (see poster attached!) presented by eXtase Magazine, easily Denmark’s coolest and most adventurous film journal. (Copies of the 2 out of 3 issues of eXtase still in print will be for sale) Films at 13.00 & 15.00

Reservations for any of these shows can be made by answering this e-mail message. (PS: don’t forget the amazing VIVA plays until Sunday at the 19.00 slot. PS2: thanks to everyone who came to Station16’s crowded birthday party, it was a smashing success)

Cordially, Jack

Indlæg: ons 23. apr 2008 12:22
af Kristensen
at Husets Bio this coming Saturday

Admission: 50kr. for all films. (Answer this e-mail to make reservations)

The Danish premiere of THE SILENCE AFTER, a documentary about the closing of the famous New York City punk club, CBGBs, in 2006 which features PATTI SMITH, BLONDIE, etc, ushers in an afternoon of classic punk rock cinema at Husets Bio on 26.04.08. (THE SILENCE AFTER plays twice: see below)

THE SILENCE AFTER: 2006, 50 min. by NYC filmmaker Torsten Meyer
Before CBGB’s doors finally closed for good on October 15th, 2006, a number of farewell shows graced the legendary club for a very last time. Dinosaurs mankind had believed to be extinct found their way back home from Jurassic Park onto a stage they had not set foot on in ages. Some of these performances were sensational, others outrageously pathetic and insulting. No matter what category one might file them under, they all had one thing in common: a sold-out madhouse atmosphere with a distinct vibe of nostalgia and last supper feasting. THE SILENCE AFTER records in straight-forward fashion (without narration) the highs and lows of these unforgettable moments, including performances by old guard acts like The Bad Brains, The Angry Samoans, The Dictators, Blondie and Patti Smith and younger acts like Avail, Leeway, Avengers, etc. Witness the exciting and at times undignified death of the cradle of punk rock civilization.



Experience the two extremes of rock’n’roll madness as early-60’s pretty-boy Paul Anka squares off against the scum king of the punk rock gutter, G.G. Allin in these duelling rock documentaries: Lonely Boy (27 min., 1962) and Hated: G.G. Allin & The Murder Junkies (60 min., 1994).
As teenage girls fall to pieces while heartthrob Anka croons velvety nothings, a naked and bloodied Allin rages amok amongst his depraved followers, showering them with various bodily fluids and showing just how far rock as mutated since its ever-oh-so-innocent beginnings. And yet startling similarities emerge: a sense of tribal submission pervades in both instances as each rock stars put his disciples through emotional torment, and, in the end it is the rock star who torments himself…to death.
These two award-winning rock-docs are both worth seeing on their own but create a very special chemistry when shown together. The program is fascinating as pure spectacle and provides fuel for speculation on the nature of rock’n’roll as a social phenomenon.

Full schedule of Films:
- Starting at 13.00: THE SILENCE AFTER
- Starting at 14.00, in order of play: Lonely Boy (27 min., 1962)
Hated: G.G. Allin & The Murder Junkies (57 min., 1994).
Hardcore Home Movie, 1987, 6 min., by Greta Snider, with cameo appearance by the BAD BRAINS
- Starting at 15.30: THE SILENCE AFTER



DREAMS MADE OF RUBBER: wildly entertaining short films from the American Underground plus jukebox movies from the 60s.

On Monday, April 28th Station16 joins with Film Platform ( to stage an evening of song, dance and depravity under the banner of DREAMS MADE OF RUBBER. In the cosy club setting of CaféTeatret, where drinks, coffee, etc will be available, a mere 40 kr. buys you the most entertaining short films to come out of the American underground scene of the 1990s and a spool of 60’s Scopitone jukebox movies – all on glorious 16mm.

SWINGER’S SERENADE - 1999, 24 min., b/w, D: Danny Plotnick. Paging through an old copy of an armature film-making magazine from 1960 called Better Movie Making, Plotnick found a film script within its mouldy pages and filmed it himself. The finished product comes complete with fabulous period music and 60’s suburban home décor, unspooling as a tribute to both the low-budget do-it-yourself detective genre and the racy sexual dynamics that were starting to inflame imaginations on the cusp of the 60’s.
More info at:

THE KETCHUP & MUSTARD MAN – 1994, 33 min, color, written & directed by Cory McAbee. This is a series of musical fables about whimsical creatures that dwell on the fringes of a disturbed imagination. Entertaining, bizarre and oddly infectious, vile too - but in a nice way. Songs performed Include “Maple Bar,” “Fickey,” and “Chicken Story.” (Note: Cory is the lead singer in a band known as The Billy Nayer Show which also stands behind a number of underground films including the cult classic The American Astronaut.
More info at: …& scroll down

SELECTED “SCOPITONE” FILMS – A series of 3-minute visual jukebox movies from the 60s which function as the first music videos of the pop-rock era and provide Technicolor thrills, radio-active levels of kitsch and masses of bikini-clad go-go dancing gals. See Johnny Hallyday rock the house, see rockabilly star Vince Taylor set the screen aflame with SHAKIN’ ALL OVER… and much more. (check for more information on the filmic phenomenon called ‘scopitone.’)

Husets Bio Upcoming Weekend

Indlæg: tirs 13. maj 2008 23:34
af Kristensen
Announcing the Husets Bio cult shows for this coming weekend of May 17/18:
EXTREME ANIMATION will play again at 13.00 both days as people who could not make it last weekend have requested it.
FLASH GORDON (1980) will screen at 14.00 both days, tickets areonly 50kr for all weekend in any combination. Why the hell are we playing FLASH GORDON? It's part of a salute to the "Great Movie Flops of the 80’s" ...
Finally big-budget movie disasters are getting the respect they don’t deserve. Why waste your time on a run-of-the-mill failure when you can experience a movie so utterly bizarre and so ambitious yet so idiotic that it leaves you breathless? A movie that misfires with such conviction and velocity that you can never forget it.
FLASH GORDON (1980) was all this: a critical and box-office flop on an epic scale that now comes back to haunt us with its late 70’s hairstyles and fashions, its absurd monsters, its deranged dialogue and the terrible beyond-wooden acting of its two lead actors. And yet lurking amongst the wreckage are some great performances (not least by a hot slinky Ornella Muti as Princess Aura - picture attached), the famous soundtrack by Queen, awesomely campy special effects unequalled since Barbarella and a fabulous production design by Danilo Donati. For the good and bad an experience worth revisiting!

Cordinally, Jack

Indlæg: tirs 29. jul 2008 11:03
af Kristensen
(1) WEEKEND OF AUGUST 2/3, inside Husets Biograf
Ticket price: 50kr per film (a ticket is also good for all the remaining films)

August 2, Saturday

13.00 – THE DOLL SQUAD, 1973, 100 min.

15.00 - HOUSE OF WHIPCORD, 1974, 102 min.

August 3: Sunday

13.00 - CONFESSIONS OF AN OPIUM EATER, 1962, 85 min

15.00 - THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS, 1967, 108 min,

AUGUST 8th to 15th inclusive – 8 nights of movies under the night sky. These films are GRATIS and start at 21.00 (If it is raining the films still take place – inside the Huset café)

08.08: JOURNEY TO THE 7th PLANET , 1962

09.08: FLASH GORDON, 1980

10.08: THE DOLL SQUAD, 1973


12.08: VIVA LAS VEGAS, 1964

13.08: BATMAN (1966) and TERMINAL USA (1992)

14.08: BRAINSTORM, 1965

15.08: X: MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES, 1963

Program Notes:

THE DOLL SQUAD: This low-budget mix of James Bond and Charlie’s Angels stars none other than the erotic dancer Tura Satana who eight years earlier had set the screen aflame in Russ Meyer’s FASTER PUSSYCAT, KILL KILL! In THE DOLL SQUAD she is part of a commando team of judo-choppin’ gun-slingin chicks sent out on a dangerous mission to neutralize a bad guy and his army of hopeless goons. Their evil plan: to take over the world by setting off swarms of rats infected with bubonic plague! This is a tour-de-force of unconvincing acting, grindhouse style brutality and wildly implausible plots twists with a James Bond-meets-blaxploitation soundtrack thrown in to quicken the pulse. Its loaded with extreme early-70s fashions (How would you like to be judo-chopped by a gal wearing hot pants and white go-go boots?) and vulgar interior home design that should be a crime to even remember. This is early-70s grrrl power B-movie rapture at its most entertaining and bizarre with all the raw ends exposed. (Note: this film is repeated in the open-air series). As for Tura, she was still doing her burlesque dance act at this time and a brief dance performance is shown in film.

HOUSE OF WHIPCHORD, This is the “kultur kamp” story of psychotic and puritanical old people who kidnap & imprison young girls for moral crimes, an essay on sexual repression and authoritarianism so frightfully British that it’ll make your flesh creep. Our beautiful heroine, A French model who has been photographed nude in public, is one such victim. Sadistic, cruel, perverted, well acted and intriguingly scored, what more could you want? Maybe a print that was in somewhat better condition. This print we are screening is bleached-out in the middle third, but still enjoyable and perversely entertaining.

CONFESSIONS OF AN OPIUM EATER, back for a return appearance from our recent Theremin weekend where its Theremin-laced soundtrack composed by Albert Gasser earned it inclusion. Gasser composed soundtracks for many horror films but CONFESSIONS OF AN OPIUM EATER remains his unsung masterpiece; a masterpiece of electronic voodoo that vividly evokes the psychic ambiguity and dark Jungian mystics of Gilbert DeQuincey’s journey through the subterranean passages of Chinatown as he attempts to solve the riddle of existence. In addition to the inventive almost avant-garde soundtrack, the film also boasts priceless hallucination sequences, a film noir atmosphere and impenetrable slabs of ersatz philosophy delivered up in deadpan style by a host of fetching oriental actresses, making this a curious experience indeed.

THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS. This famous gothic satire directed by Roman Polanski stars his fetching wife, Sharon Tate, who only two years later would be brutally murdered by the Charles Manson gang. But at the time it was a lot of fun and this survives as Polanski’s most playful and stylish film.

JOURNEY TO THE 7th PLANET, voted most popular film from our first season, this Sidney Pink directed science-fiction fable employs Danish actors such as Ove Sprogøe, Carl Ottosen, Annie Birgit Garde, Mimi Heinrich, Peter Monch, Greta Thyssen and Louis Miehe-Renard. The men fly to “the 7th Planet, Uranus, on a spaceship, only to be forced to battle it out with a giant blob monster who dwells deep inside a maze a caverns and uses their own dreams and desires against them. This is where the gals come in, as seductive visions who do or don’t really exist. Oh, just see the movie, I can’t explain it. …Pink had directed the better known REPTILICUS the year before, shooting it in Copenhagen.

FLASH GORDON, you probably already know how bizarre this 1980 musical is. With special effects and costume designs as only the masters of Italian studio camp could make them (stuff unseen since BARBARELLA) and a soundtrack by Queen, this is a guilty pleasure indeed, an over-the-top assault on the brain cells that impacted a whole generation via screenings on TV. Now see it on the big screen, see a plot that is (intentionally & unintentionally) beyond absurd, see sexy space babes, brain-dead monsters and winged angel warriors. What the hell - we can get back to more intellectual film fare when the summer is over.

FIVE GIANTS FROM TEXAS, a classic Spaghetti-Western full of great atmosphere, music, brutality, death, sexy dark-eyed women and the like. Shot on the desert sands of Spain, it’s an ideal summer viewing experience.

VIVA LAS VEGAS, Elvis, sings and dances his way through this mindless romp together with a feisty Ann-Margret in what is considered to be one of his three best films, best being a relative term. Smouldering with raw emotional intensity, Elvis genuinely appears to be having a good time. With its numerous song numbers and racetrack scenes, it’s a perfect drive-in type flick.

BATMAN and TERMINAL USA: The media has been full of talk about the new Batman film. Now see where it all began: on television in the mid-60s. The 25 min. episode we present tonight is from 1966 and entitled CATWOMAN DRESSED TO KILL. It stars the purrrfectly perfidious Eartha Kitt as the feline villainous. … Following this is Jon Moritsugu’s 55 minute underground cult masterpiece from 1993, TERMINAL USA. This was part of a series about “the American Family” that was produced for TV but the Hawaiian born Moritsugu inserts an Asian-American family instead of the usual Caucasians in this wickedly provocative satire about cultural stereotypes. Too extreme to be played on television, it probes the limits of political incorrectness. Gross and delightfully perverse.

BRAINSTORM, a film noir thriller about a man who feigns insanity in order to murder his boss, but something goes terribly wrong! Excellently acted and scored, a real gem, but still twisted!

X: MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES, considered Roger Corman’s best film from the early part of his career, this fable about the tragedy that befalls a man who can see through anything is perhaps the most profound of our open air cinema offerings this season but is still action-packed and bizarre. Actually they are all quite bizarre… I hope.

Indlæg: fre 1. aug 2008 05:41
af Jack J
Hmm, andre tråde, der er sticky, er tråde, hvor brugerne informerer/tipper hinanden. Men her er det tydeligvis Husets Bio, der har fået deres egen sticky reklame-tråd (og så endda i Filmsektionen). Hvad har de betalt jer? Eller Uncut har måske aktier i Husets Bio? Billede


Indlæg: fre 1. aug 2008 08:53
af Kristensen
Nej har bare en aftale med Jack at informere om fremtidige arrangementer, sådan lidt på kalenderform. I sidste tilfælde gratis film vel at mærke. Hvis du har ondt i røven over det, så klag til de andre redaktører.

Hvis til eksempel Loco Ono ønsker det samme, så gør jeg det gerne.

Indlæg: fre 1. aug 2008 20:07
af Jack J
Du har måske ondt i røven over at jeg spørger?

Eftersom det er Husets Bio selv, der skriver indlæggene og eftersom de tager penge for deres "produkt", så ser jeg det ikke som film-oplysning, men som reklame og dermed forsøg på salg af en vare. Og som sådan ville jeg have ment tråden burde havde ligget i Køb & Salgs-afdelingen. Og nej, hvorfor fanden skulle jeg tage det op med de andre redaktører, det var ikke en klage, men et simpelt spørgsmål.

Indlæg: lør 2. aug 2008 10:10
af Kristensen
Synes slet ikke det passer under køb og salg, da det er til salg af "materiale". Hvis jeg ville sælge billetter til biografforestillinger, så ja.

Savner en "Kommende begivenheder" kategori, men ville ikke oprette den bare for det. Vi har kategorier nok allerede.

Indlæg: tirs 2. dec 2008 08:36
af Kristensen
DEC. 6 & 7: PREPARE FOR CHRISTMAS WITH A WEEKEND OF WITCH-HUNTING & SATANISM at Husets Biograf, Magstræde 14, Tel: 33324077 : Ticket price is 50 kr. per day, with visitors on Dec. 6 also welcome at no extra charge to Dec. 7 films. Answer this e-mail to reserve seats.


13:00 HÄXAN (aka WITCHCRAFT THROUGH THE AGES) 1922, 75 min.
This is the 1968 “English sound version” of the 1922 Benjamin Christensen (Danish) classic. It features narration by William Burroughs and a new score played by musicians such as Jean-Luc Ponty and Daniel Humair – condensed to 75 minutes from the original version of 106 minutes, with narration and inter-titles in English.
BLACK MASS, 1928 – this rare 8 minute German silent film follows directly after Häxan and seems somehow a perfect fit. Be advised, this recreation of a satanic mass contains explicit XXX imagery.

15.00: WITCHFINDER GENERAL: 1968, (86 minutes) The year is 1645: England is in the grip of bloody civil war and chaos rules the land. In this climate of fear, self-styled witch hunter Matthew Hopkins travels the country with his brutal assistant, preying on innocent victims in the name of the Lord, accusing them of witchcraft and then torturing out confessions or forcing sexual compliance from accused women in return for mercy. Vincent price stars as the detestable Hopkins in one of the most chilling performances of his career.


13.00: ALEISTER CROWLEY: THE WICKEDEST MAN IN THE WORLD - IN SEARCH OF THE GREAT BEAST 666, 125 min. 2007, by Robert Garofalo. Employing actors to re-stage various phases of Crowley’s life, much detail is offered up on the man whom the British tabloid press gleefully dubbed “The Worst Man on Earth.” Visually absorbing, there is lots of information here though the film admittedly focuses on the more lurid aspects of his life & philosophies. As one online synopsis puts it: “The self-proclaimed 'Great Beast', Aleister Crowley was known to the press as the 'wickedest man in the world' and perhaps one of the most notorious figures in British history. This dramatic reconstruction delves into the sordid past and how his legacy would influence many, including President George Bush, The Beatles and Ian Fleming.”

15.30: ALEISTER CROWLEY: THE BEAST 666, 50 minutes / 2008 by Donna Zuckerbrot. Another biographical portrait, this film takes a more sympathetic look at what Crowley was attempting to do by utilizing archival footage and interviews with Crowley’s biographer and a modern day magician who was inspired by Crowley. Adapts a much less sensational tone and by doing so it in some ways gets to the heart of what Crowley was all about more effectively. Does it come closer to “the truth?” That’s an open question as it seems there can never be total conformity of opinion about this controversial and ambiguous figure.

16.30: THE MAN WE WANT TO HANG directed by Kenneth Anger / 2002, 12 min. Kenneth Anger pays tribute to the paintings of Crowley. His camera lens explores the geography of Crowley’s mysterious and nightmarish images as the classical music of Anatol Liadov provides suitable accompaniment undisturbed by intrusive narration. Employing just the image and sound, the film functions as both a languid contemplation and a suitably sinister tribute to the visions of a man who figures as one of Anger’s primary sources of inspiration.

Indlæg: fre 5. dec 2008 00:54
af Thomsen
Hvad hedder den email, man skal skrive til for at reservere billetter? Eller kan man bare ringe til biografen?

Indlæg: fre 5. dec 2008 08:36
af Kristensen
jack.stevenson(snabel-a) eller bare ring til Husets Bio.

Indlæg: fre 2. jan 2009 14:02
af Mads
Jack Stevenson skrev:Dear film-goers: A reminder that this is a busy film weekend at Husets Biograf, full schedule below. (answer this e-mail for reservations or more info, or if you don't make a reservation just come down anyway, I'm sure you can get a seat.) Ticket prices are the normal 50kr. per day. This weekend won't appear in any of the cinema listings since these are technically invitation-only shows but everyone is invited so bounce this message on to anyone who might be interested. Especially don't miss ADVENTURE IN DENMARK - an unhinged mix of kung-fu and Danish sexual liberation shot on the streets of KBH in 1972 and before this run never shown in DK.
FURTHER PROGRAM NOTES in their complete form can be mailed upon request, but regarding special updates: We just watched NAKED IN THE 21st CENTURY (at 15.00 on Saturday) and must say it is a very disorganized and amaturish production but on the plus side its only an hour long and full of some nice looking naked men & women so what the hell. That is followed by A VISIT FROM THE INCUBUS (26 minutes long) which features LA's latest star female director, Anna Biller, the woman behind VIVA (check



17.00: VIVA (*a free Martini for every visitor before VIVA

to get you into the mood and a live DJ (from Escho) playing lounge/exotica music starting around 16.00)





15.00: VIVA


19.15: VIVA

Indlæg: ons 11. mar 2009 09:27
af Thomsen

15.30: DETOUR
21.00: DETOUR (repeat)


Er der andre, der har lyst til at se noir på lørdag?

Indlæg: tors 7. maj 2009 17:10
af Mads
Den lille art cinema Husets Biograf i Magstræde, København, må lukke på grund af manglende publikum.