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Wild East dvds...

Indlæg: fre 30. jun 2017 17:16
af Butcher
Use to collect WE dvds, but have lost interest. Have sold about 30-35 dvds so far, and these ones are left. Shoot me a PM if interested :D

3 Bullets For Ringo
The Forgotten Pistolero/The Unholy Four
Hands Up Dead Man - You´re Under Arrest/Revenge Of The Resurrected
Dead Men Dont Make Shadows/Dango Meets Sartana
Kill The All And Come Back Alone
Reverend Colt/Vengeance Is A Colt 45
Sartana´s Here, Trade Your Pistol For A Coffin/Django Against Sartana
Killer Calibre 32/Killer Adios
Tequila Joe/A Hole Between The Eyes
Full House For The Devil/The Moment To Kill
A Place Called Glory/The Road To Fort Alamo
If You Meet Sartana...Pray For Your Death
It Can Be Done Amigo
For A Few Previews More
Day Of Anger
El Rojo
Death Rides A Horse
Confesions Of A Police Captain/Summertime Killer
Farewell Friend/Rider On The Rain
Ringo The Lone Rider/The Cobra
Eugenie De Sade