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collector from Greece

Indlæg: lør 28. mar 2009 13:40
af iordanis1970
I am Greek collector of Greek films from any country.
I search the following Greek films in Norwegian version from other country but uncut version only.

1) Dψden har blε ψyne (Death has Blue Eyes) 04.02.1987 01:44
2) Modellen (Nefele) 06.02.1987 01:50
3) Fψlelser i konflikt (Conflict of Emotions) 04.02.1987 01:42
4) Image of Love (Image of Love) 04.02.1987 01:34
5) Intime Forhold (Initime Relation) 04.02.1987 01:40
6) Love on a Horse (Love on a Horse) 04.02.1987 01:52
7) Love above All (Love above All) 26.09.1989 01:50
8) Kjζrlighetens 2 ansikter (Two faces of Love, The) 06.02.1987 01:58

I write the title the Norwegian international date that circulated also the time of duration that had in Norway all the films of is his production omiros efstratiadis except first that is nikos mastorakis. any Swedish collector has Greek films sent me e-mail

Indlæg: lør 28. mar 2009 19:55
af Jack J
A fellow Cinehound member. 8)

You do realise this is a Danish forum, not Norwegian.

You might wanna try at this Norwegian board: