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Dutch ex-rental tapes wanted!

Indlæg: tors 23. jun 2011 22:54
af Ironmaster
A couple of my wants with prices im willing to pay. In some cases the price will be negotiable. Feel free to contact me if you have any of the tapes im after.

Remember that these prices are what i am willing to pay, not be considered as their true values or estimates.

Im also up for trades...

Video for Pleasure

A Candle for the Devil €30
Duivelse Maagden €40
Kamp Der Blanke Slavinnen €30
Countess Dracula €25
Bonditis €20 Pending
A Soldier Called Joe €15
Treasure of Jamaica Reef €10
Bruce´s Fists of Vengeance €15
Contes Immoraux €20

Sunrise Tapes 1st gen. Red

Macabre €30
Cobra 2
Cuba Crossing Pending
Karate from Shaolin Temple
The Brothers
Daredevil Drivers
Operation Cross Eagles
Battleflag Pending
Last Train to Berlin €30 Pending
Black Sands
Flashpoint Africa €30 Pending
Dont Torture a Duckling €100 Found
They Call him Verity €30
Venetian Black €50 Found
Silent Action €50
Emptiness All Around €100 Found
Holocaust 2 €50 Found
Nightmare City €35 Found
Inferno in Paradise
Meat is Meat
Hitch Hike to Hell
Booby Trap
Young and Free
Kidnapped Coed
Saturday, Sunday and Friday
Secret Lives of Romeo and Juliet
The Notorious Cleopatra
Lorelys Grasp €40
Exorcism €40
Werewolf and the Yeti €40
Malenka €40
College Girls on Vacation
A Queen for Ceasar
Hercules Challange
The Trojan War
Dont Play with Tigers

All others (red sunrise tapes)with no individual price, around €20

Video 49

The Taste of Vengeance €30
Blood of the Dragon €20
Same Time Every Year €10
Haunted €20
To the Shores of Hell €20 Pending
Dracula´s Bloedmysterie €20 Found


Die Screaming Marianne €15
Kung Fu Giganten €20
Vier Vuisten Vallen uit de lucht €15
The Cynic €50
You can do a lot €10
Flight to Hell €25
Blackmail €25€

VML 1st gen. Blue

Texas Chainsaw Massacre €40 Pending
The Cop in Blue Jeans €30
Devils Nightmare €25
Killer Nun €50
De Triomf van Robin Hood €20
Macho Callaghan gaat er op los €25
2 Kruizen te Danger Pass €25
Geweld in Turyn €25

EVC Blue

28 Minutes for 3 Million Dollars EVC €20
Violent Napels EVC €30.
Kommisar X The Tiger Gang EVC €25 Pending
Weapons of Death €25
The Night of the Living Dead €25 Found
Django the Avenger €20
Guyana €20 Pending

The EVC tapes doesnt have to be dutch, any blue release will do.

Video Star

De Moordbrigade €20
Strijd tegen de Maffia €20
Sicilian Connection €20
Ultimatum €20
Cross Shot €20
Convoy Busters €20


The Smuggler Eagle 6 €10 Pending
Angry Vengeance Excellent €20
Nick the Sting Thorn EMI €15 Pending
Operation Poker Standard €20 Pending
Heroin Busters CNR €50
de onoverwinnelijke barbaar CNR Video €40
Lucker the Necrophagous VDS Video €40
Rush VDS Video €20
Schizophrenia VDS Video €40
ss camp 5 womens hell Videoplus €50
ss vrouwen kamp 1 Videoplus €50
Special Silencers Delta Video €30
Angels of the Streets Delta Video €30
The Gang that Sold America Spectrum €15
Night of the Bloody Apes Benelux Video €25
Werewolf Woman Draaiplezier €50 Found
The Bermuda Triangle €10